Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Week 2 Day 3 44lb KB

"If you woke your dog, forced him to eat 2 doughnuts, a cup of coffee and a cigarette, you would be arrested for animal abuse"
Jack Lallane
Joint Mobility
Swings 4x16
Tight Rope Press 4x8
1 leg DL 4x8
Lunge 4x8
Bottom up C&P 4x8
Floor Sweep 4x26
Windmill 4x8
530 snack bar
630 morning workout
800 meal shake with 1scoop muscle gain and almonds
930 zone bar
1230 Pizza, 3 slices, mmm good
no snack
630 pork tenderloin, mushrooms, new potatoes, whole grain rice from the crock pot we loaded this morning.
handful of semi sweet morsels and M&Ms with skim milk.
No booze tonight. I had my splurge at lunch.
Drank spark, black coffee, water and unsweet tea today.
have a safe and happy New year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Week 2 Day 2 Lean Out

Joint Mobility Drills
Turkish Get Up 4x3
Deadlift 4x8
Side Press 4x8
Figure 8 to a hold 4x8
Crush Curl 4x8
Russian Twist 4x8
1 arm swing 4x16
35lb kb
415 spark, mns
445 snack bar
630 meal shake
900 zone bar
1130 deli turkey, 2 pieces cheese, wheat crackers pnut butter
1145 handful of semi sweet morsels
330 snack bar
630 3 egg, 2 whites omelet with cheese and turky pepperoni unsweet tea
handful of m&ms. skim milk.
I also take Advocare Catalyst 3 times per day on empty stomach
No cardio tonight

Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 1 Week 2 24kg KB

Joint mobility
Clean and Press 4x8
Squat 4x8
Renegade Row 4x8
Get up Sit Up 4x8
Floor Sweep 4x26
Snatch 4x10
Circuit format, done in 30 minutes
415 snack bar
630 meal replacement shake
900 zone bar
1200 1 turkey sausage link, wheat crackers w/ pnut butter, water
1215 handful of M&Ms
330 snack bar
715 grilled chicken, new potatoes, mushrooms, dark chocolate, skim milk
I ran 7 miles in 55 min at 6:00.
I also drank spark, water, 1 cup black coffee, Advocare MNS, Rehydrate, Arginine at various times throughout the day.
circuit in the morning, likely snatch V02 tomorrow night.
circuit Wed morning and run again Wed night or Thurs.
Off Friday & Sat

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Eating

Just some things to consider. I've tried to abide by this for the last few days.
1. Limit yourself to one plate or atleast one spoon of each concoction/casserole offered you at the meal.
2. Pick one good dessert and enjoy.
3. It's not critical that you completely clean your plate. leave a bite or two.
4. Go for the chocolate covered nuts instead of pretzels, they have protein.
5. Graze the snacks by with your fingers instead of handfuls.
As for exercise. I helped my dad cut 4 loads of wood yesterday(he mostly watched) and
I ran 5k this morning.
Showed an old friend and lifter the basic KB moves this afternoon.
Back to working out tomorrow. Missing the Max V02 workout already.
Got a Captains of Crush gripper in my stocking so I'm working that throughout the day.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Completed the 3rd workout in my new weekly cycle. See prior post link.
The 6 or 7 exercises with 4 sets of 5 reps seems perfect for the 1st week. Next week bumps up the reps a notch. By week 4 this should be exciting.
400 mns, spark, rehydrate, 3 catalyst
430 snack bar
500 workout #3
700 meal shake, scoop of protein, almonds
900 snack bar
1000 wheat crackers and low fat pnut butter
1200 deli turkey and cheese, no bread and a few wheat crackers
200 almonds
300 spark, catalyst, snack bar
600 2 large pancakes, syrup, 2 pieces turkey sausage, grits, eggs skim milk
800 Santa had to eat 3 or 4 cookies
900 handful of 60% cocoa morsels and skim milk
Tomorrow could be a bad eating day. No workout. Plan to run and workour Fri/Sat.
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

4 Week KB Workout

Day 2

Sorry for this blog being a little mixed up. I'm caught up now.
Today I did the 2nd KB work out in the new plan. I actually did KB and ran yesterday. Trying to cram as much as possible into 3 days this week. Shins are killing me since the long run last week so I'll rest them today. I'll post a link to the 4 week lean out plan.
Today's diet
400 MNS, Spark, Rehydrate, Catalyst
430 Snack bar, water
500 Workout
630 Meal Shake with almonds and a scoop of Muscle Gain
930 Snack Bar
1200 Cup of chili and club on wheat no mayo. Ate 5 chips. Unsweet tea.
130 Peanut Butter cookie with Hershey kiss on top
230 SLAM energy drink
300 Snack Bar
600 Steamed chicken breast plain, unsweet tea, wheat crackers and pnut butter.
One more day to stay off the "Naughty List".

Diet this past weekend

7:30am breakfast shake
9:30am Zone bar
11:30am Ground Turkey Tacos 3 with cheese. Unsweet tea
2:30pm Handful of almonds, pnut butter crackers
5:30pm Omelet 2 eggs 2 whites, cheese, turkey, turkey sausage and shot of skim milk. Chocolate skim milk
8:00 Handful of semi sweet morsels with skim milk
4am muscle fuel, mns, catalyst,
430 balance bar
630 breakfast shake with muscle gain and almonds, shot of fat free jello pudding cheescake flavor
8:15 2 pieces fudge, banana nut bread (I'm a sucker for baked goods at the office)
900 zone bar black coffee
1130 cheese grits, turkey sausage
3:45 zone bar black coffee
5:45 spark, arginine extreme
6:00 ran 5k in about 22 min.
6:30 soy spagetti with grated cheese and sauce
8:30 snack pack vanilla pudding

Mon and Tue - New Lean Out Routine 4 Weeks

I'm reading Marty Gallagher's 'Purposeful Primitive' book. This compilation of 40 years of life and training takes you through the various workouts that made legendary bodybuilders and strongmen the best in the world. Every one of these guys had their own style and routine. Each workout is different, some to the extreme but they all worked. Not that I'm trying to be a world class lifter but all of the strategies stimulate transformation of the body which is what anyone reading this blog including myself is constantly looking for. I'm only about half way through the book but I put together a 4 week cycle to shake things up. This workout is simple and takes 30 minutes 3 times per week.
Sets stays the same but number of reps goes up each week 5 to 8 to 10 to 12.
Day 1
Clean & Press 4x5
Renegade Row 4x5
Getup Situp 4x5
Floor Sweep 4x20

Day 2 Cardio

Day 3
Turkish Getup 4x2
Deadlift 4x5
Bent Press 4x5
Fig 8 to Hold 4x5
Crush Curl 4x5
Russian Twist 4x5
1 Arm Swing 4x10

Day 4 is Max V02 Snatch Workout

Day 5
1 Arm Swing 4x10
Tight Rope Press 4x5
1 Leg Deadlift 4x5
Tactical Lunge 4x5
Bottom up Clean 4x5
Floor Sweep 4x20
Windmill 4x5
Day 1 KB you can press 5 times each arm
Day 3 KB you can press 10 times each arm
Day 5 KB you can press 7 times each arm

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rest Day

Did about 80 swings with the 44lb kb and practiced
some pistols and windmills with the 70lb.
6:45am meal shake
9:00am Zone Bar
10:00am wheat crackers and pnut butter
12:00 finger foods and snacks at the inlaws
snacked all afternoon on junk then ate grilled chicken
I had a few pieces of butter nut cake, some choc covered pretzels,
several foo foo chocolate treats, skim milk, some coffee, a diet dew
baked beans with sausage, etc. I junked out today but it was our early
Christmas so tis the season.
My motto is to make eating bad the exception rather than the rule. You must
treat yourself or you have no incentive.

Friday, December 19, 2008

VO2 Max

80 sets of 8 with the 35 this morning at 5am. Not too bad.
Tonight I had the pleasure of introducing Jamie and Angela to the world of Kettlebells. We started off with joint mobility drills and then spent about an hour on the deadlift, swing and get up. I think they have a new respect and see an avenue that will get them to the next level in their pursuit of complete physical function. We're working on an accountability plan.
I catch a lot of flack about my diet. People seem to think I don't eat realistic food and portions. I think I'll start logging my approximate daily intake for a while in addition to my physical activities. Here goes:
4:15am Muscle Fuel, 3 Catalyst, MNS
4:45 Zone bar
6:45 Breakfast shake with almonds, scoop of muscle gain
9:15 Spark & Rehydrate, 3 catalyst
9:30 Zone bar
11:30 Firehouse med hook and ladder and chips with unsweet tea
5:30 25 low fat wheat cracker with low fat pnut butter
9:45 zone bar, skim milk, 2 handfuls of semi sweet chocolate chips

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Airport Loop

approx 7 miles 54:55
had to be 100% humidity. Lost about 3lbs on the run.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Complexes

Pistol 3x1
Bent Press 3x5
Windmill 3x5
Lunge 3x5
Swing 3x20
Tight Rope Press 3x5
Bottom Up Press 3x5
Crush Curl 3x5
TGU 3x2
Floor Sweeps 3x20
Squats 3x5

Monday, December 15, 2008

Enter The Kettlebell Light Day

Low rep, heavy KB
5 ladders 3 rungs with 32kg kettlebell
140 Snatches in 10 minutes with 24kg kettlebell
1st time pushing the snatches in a while. I think I can hit 200 in 10 min
but I need to work out a plan. I'm thinking 20,10,5 rest 20,10,5 rest 10,5 rest 10,5 rest.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

YMCA Jingle Bell 5k

40 Degrees
I got ahead of the kids and ran a 7:04 1st mile.
Rested a little on the middle stretch and hit 2 miles at around 15 min.
Home stretch my back was giving me some trouble (this is a new thing)
but I crossed the line at 22:09 on the clock. Should have sprinted to get under
22 but oh well. 5th for my division.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Swing Ladders "300"

5am - Joint Mobility Drills
Gonzalo showed up and we did swing ladders.
32kg 2 hand 10 reps
24kg 1 hand switch 10 reps
16kg 2 hands ballistic swing 10 reps

10 sets for 300 total reps

We each went throught he sequence while the other rested.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Practice/Variety Day

24kg Kettlebell
Exercise Reps x Sets
Windmill l/r 5x3
Pistol l/r 1x3
Bent Press l/r 2x3
Turkish Get Up l/r 2x3
Floor Sweep 20x3
Swing 10x3
Crush Curl 5x3
Tightrope Press l/r 5x3
Bottom Up Press l/r 5x3
Lunge l/r 5x3

I did 2 exercises back to back then moved on to the next 2 rather than
the whole thing in 3 circuits.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

V02 Max

Eddie and I hit 80 sets of 8 snatches.
Em hung with us for most of the workout too.

Long Run

8 miles 1:09:17
Need some speed to hit 8min pace for Double Bridge.


Joint mobility in the morning
Clean and press in the evening went like this
12345 32kg
12345 32kg
12345 24kg
12345 24kg
12345 24kg

Swings 24kg
30seconds work/30 seconds rest (30:30)
11 sets averaging about 17 reps per set
close to 200 reps total.
going on a long slow run this morning with V02 snatch workout tonight.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Running and KBs today

Ran about 3.5 miles this morning. 25 minutes or so.
Afternoon KB workout:
Joint Mobility
Down Dogs
Hip Flexor Stretches
Get Ups 1 l/r, 2 l/r
Clean Press Squat l/r 1,2,3,4,5
Snatch 10 sets 5 each arm no rest
Swings 20 reps switching hands each rep
All work with 35lb KB.
Fast and effective

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thurs and Fri

Last night Snatch V02 Max
80 sets of 8 reps for total of 640 reps with 35lb kb.
Ran 5k hills this morning 25:19

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Mixed it up.
150 swings
bottom up presses
figure 8
No particular order. Just a few sets of 5 or 10 and finished off with
100 swings.

Running and Swinging

Ran about 50 minutes yesterday, I think just under 7 miles. Forgot my watch.
Hoping to get a Garmin 405 for Christmas (hint if the right person reads this blog)
It was a chilly 34 degrees but no wind so it was ok.
Ramping up for Double Bridge and possibly the Pcola half marathon.
KBs this afternoon. Slow grinds and swings. Details later.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday-Simple and Sinister

24kg Kettlebell
Turkish Get Ups for 5 minutes.
Set the Gymboss on 1 minute
5 left 5 right top of the minute
5th and 15th set I did 10 left 10 right.
Total of 200 snatches with the 24kg.
Those 10 rep sets in the middle just make the 5 reps feel better.


Clean and press 24kg
5 ladders
at the park with Jayson playing on the playground.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day

Took yesterday off.
I read a study that said doing complexes consisting of 3 exercises for 10 reps and 4 sets in a circuit format will increase your metabolism by 20% for the following 38 hours. The exercises were Squat, Power Clean and Bench Press. In preparation for eating a lot, I met Eddie at a local park and did the following this morning:
15 min of joint mobility
Workout with 24kg Kettlebell, 5 reps, 4 circuits.
Windmill l/r
Bottoms up Clean l/r
Snatch l/r
Military Press l/r
2 minutes rest
After 4 sets we set up a swing circuit and set the Gymboss on 15 seconds.
24KG 15 seconds switching hands every 2 reps
15 Seconds Rest
16KG 15 seconds ballistic style 2 hand
15 Seconds Rest
20KG 15 Seconds switching hands every 3 or 4 reps
Rest 15 Seconds
We did the swing circuit for 30 intervals or 15 sets of about 10 reps.
Ready to eat the turkey now (and maybe some dessert)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quick Run

Ran 5k 22:31 yesterday. Busy week

Monday, November 24, 2008

Long Complexes

joint Mobility Drills then:
5 reps
Windmill l/r
Goblet Squat
Floor Sweep 20
Floor Press l/r
Figure 8 to a hold l/r
Bottoms up Clean l/r
Swing l/r
2 minutes rest
4 sets/circuits
done in under 30 min


joint mobility
5x5 clean and press ladders with 24kg
I did them backwards.....5,4,3,2,1
20x5 swings 24 and 32kg alternating.
walked 4 miles

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Long Slow Run In The Cold

Ran the loop around the airport.
7 miles
58:15 Nothing spectacular, just a nice slow run.
The east wind was pretty nasty at around 30 degrees. brrr

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday - Circuits

20 min of Joint Mobility drills
4 circuits of the following with 24kg 2 min of rest in between:
Goblet squat 5
Cleans 5/5
Snatch 5/5
Windmill 5/5
We did 10 reps the 1st set and decided form would slip by 4 sets so we dropped back to 5 reps.
Followed this by 3 sets of 10 swings
2 pistols
2 presses with 32kg just for good measure.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wed and Thurs

Ran 4.5 miles Wednesday morning in about 35 min. Yes it was a chilly run at 35 degrees.
This morning:
15 joint mobility drills for 35 reps each.
10 Swings/10 KB Pushups x 6 sets.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Lunch Workout

Joint mobility
5 halos l/r
Circuit x3:
Goblet squat 5/24kg
Swing 10/24kg
Figure 8 to Hold 5 l/r 24kg
Bottom up clean and press 5 l/r 16kg
Pistol 1 l/r 20kg
KB pushup 10
Crush Curl 10 24kg
done less than 30 min

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lunch Workout

Came home for a workout at lunch:
10 joint mobility drills
down dogs, pump stretch
Circuit work:
TGU: 2 l/r
1 leg DL: 5 l/r
Tight Rope Press: 5 l/r
Lunges: 5 l/r
Floor Sweeps: 20
Get up sit ups: 5 l/r
Push Ups: 10
Dead Lift: 5
Pistol: 1 l/r
Snatches: 20 l/r
Repeat 3 times with a 2-3 min break
all but snatches done with 24kg KB. Snatches with 16Kg.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Run 5k

Won my division this morning at 22:57.
Kathy Potter won hers as well at 23:04.
Today's workout: 24kg
Joint mobility/pump stretch/down dogs to warm up.
5 windmills l/r
5 goblet squats
5 bottoms up c&p l/r
10 figure 8 to a hold
5 renegade rows l/r
5 slingshots l/r
rest 2 min and repeat 3 times

Friday, November 14, 2008

Max V02

Warm up with some joint mobility drills from the recharge and some goblet squats.
80 sets of 5 snatches with a 44lb kb
Gonzalo hit 80 of 6 with a 35lb.
Note: we had 5 sets to go and the ladies aerobics class was getting impatient so the last 25 reps were done 10/10/5 with no rest.
This kind of intense workout on a Friday really sets you up for a relaxing weekend.
(aside from the heavy ROP on Saturday)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Been Traveling this week

Didn't feel like taking a KB on the airplane.
Took Tuesday off. Ran about 2 miles yesterday in Orlando until it poured rain so I ran back to the hotel and up 6 flights of stairs. Did a few push ups. Wanted to rest my hands anyway.
Back home now and had a good quick workout this evening: Medium Day
Added a twist to my Clean and Press Ladders.
1st ladder
1/1 53lb
2/2 53lb
3/3 53lb
4/4 53lb

2nd Ladder
1/1 70lb
2/2 70lb
3/3 70lb
4/4 53lb
Repeat 3/4/5 ladders same as 2nd.

Windmills 5/5
KB Pushups 2x15
Swings 10x20 After each set I walked out the garage down the driveway and picked up an acorn and brought it back did the next set. Got to five. Took the acorns back one at a time. I didn't have my gymboss.
Tomorrow it's Max v02 with the 44lb kb.
I talked to Eddie and he did v02 today 60 sets of 8 with 30lb kb. Nice work!
Just read Pavel's book Super Joints. Got an awesome quote:
"A man's reach should exceed his grasp or what's a heaven for?"
My interpretation of this is that if you want something bad enough you'll do what it takes to get it. Even if it's beyond your immediate power. This applies to physical, mental, spiritual and all aspects of life.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Light Day

Ran 5k 24:24 last night.
Light Right of Passage this morning.
5x3 clean and press 24kg
100 snatches in 4 min 24kg
I challenged J.R. that I will take 1 min off my 5k for every 5 min he takes off his. Should be interesting.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Heavy ROP Saturday

Ran 5k in 23:54 yesterday.
J.R. just sent me a text that he got 2nd place in the race in Hattisburg in his age group. Wow. He's down 35lbs and feeling the difference.
5x5 clean and press today with 24kg. Concentration on form and hitting all the marks. Practice rather than just hitting the reps.
Swings 30:30 (thats 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest) for 16 sets. I was hitting about 18 reps per set. Trying to work up to 45:15 for 20 minutes. My plan is to hit 30:30 for 20 min then back off the rest. This is my strategy for getting my 5k time under 20 min by spring.
Off for a KB session with 2 guys and a girl who are 1st timers, then Alabama Vs. LSU and eat the pork I smoked this morning. MMMMMMM

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Snatch V02

46 sets of 6 with 20kg bell
My blood sugar went crazy and I had to stop. That's what I get for working out after eating. I've got to get back in the groove of getting it done in the morning so I'll have more time to play with Jayson.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Workout with Eddie

Had a little fun and just practiced some tension exercises.
Goblet Squats 3x10 20kg
Suitcase DL 3x10 l/r
Maxercist Row 3x10 l/r
Tightrope Military Press 3x5 l/r
Swing ladders 24kg/16kg/20kg 15 second intervals ballistics with the 16kg. We did them in succession for about 10 sets each and were pretty smoked. Kind of spur of the moment so we were scrambling. Not the safest practice so next time we've got to tweak it a bit. This was 45 sec of work and 45 seconds of rest. The catch is during your rest you've got to push the 16kg for the other guy.
We then practiced some bottom up presses, waiter presses, deck squats, floor work, etc. I showed Eddie how much more he could press using tension. Also jacked him down a few inches in the squat using one of Pavel's tricks. Eddie is about 210lbs right now, down from 260. He's close to his desired weight but it's time to redistribute and swap some fat for muscle.

Variety Day

Ran 3 miles Sunday
Took Monday off.
Tuesday Workout:
35lb KB:
Goblet Squat 3x10
Waiter C&P 3x10 l/r
Figure 8 to Hold 3x20
TGU 1x3 l/r
Floor Press 3x10 l/r
Floor Sweeps 3x20
Get Up Sit Up 3x10 l/r
MP 3x10 l/r
44lb KB:
Bottoms up Clean 3x5 l/r
53lb KB:
50 snatches

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Heavy ROP Saturday

Went to Alabama to see our new niece Riley Kate Thrash. She and her mom are healthy and should be home Tuesday.
Worked out under the pecan trees yesterday afternoon and enjoyed the tranquility of the country.
Only took the 24kg on the trip.
Warmup with sumo deadlifts and a few goblet squats low and slow with some curls at the bottom to increase the depth.
5 mins of TGU
5x5 clean and press. All but 2 ladders were all out with no breaks.
14 sets of swings 30:30 (about 230-250 swings total).

Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Morning

What a wake up at 5:30am. 80 sets of 5 snatches with my shiny new Dragon Door 20kg kettlebell. Gonzalo hit 80 of 6 with a 16kg.
Not too tough. I'll have to go with 6 reps next time. Maybe the hands will hold up. The gymboss doesn't play. I'll be hearing beep beep in my sleep.
It's halloween.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tues, Wed, Thurs

Tuesday was variety day. Didn't do much since I ran Sunday.
Wedneday did clean and press ladders 5x3 32kg. 5 min of swings 10 every other 15 seconds alternating hands.
Ran about 3 miles this morning.
Got my gymboss and 20kg today but went trick or treating.
Max V02 in the morning.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Light ROP

Had to get out of the house today so met Gonzalo at one of the parks. Did a few low rep sets of pullups. Stretched out and had a strong 5 ladders up to 3 rungs of clean and press with the 32kg. Did some Get Ups to warm up. Finished off with 100 snatches in 5 minutes and slacked off and did around 30 for the next 5 min. Wes showed up and we had a quick intro to the swing. He'll be back.
BW Pullups 3x3
Couple of TGUs
5x3 C&P 32kg
130 Swings 10 min 24kg.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday-Off Day

So I just ran a little over 3 miles. Just a nice pace enjoying my MP3 for about 28 minutes. Did a few pushups throughout the day. Birthday party at the bowling alley with about 20 3 year olds was a blast.
Time to get into the running groove since the weather has turned cool. I want to get ready for the double bridge 15k and I've been challenged to run the Mcguires 5k in February and I want to break 22 minutes.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday, Heavy Day

Started off the day with a trip to Lowes with Jayson. He entertained the staff and the customers. After about 15 minutes I had to plug my ears and think about what I came to buy. Back home at 10:30.
Warm up joint mobility, stretches, halos.
Clean and press heavy day. I started off with the 32kg and basically did
5 ladders of 5 reps. The 1st 3 rungs of a ladder with the 32kg and the 4 and 5 rep sets with the 24kg. I did a couple of 4 rep sets with the 32kg. Feeling pretty strong and the 'lead the kettlebell with your eyes not your head in the press' increased my strength. Total of 150 reps.
Finished off with 140 swings with the 24k in 5 minutes.
The workout was easy. Staying safe while dodging the dog and Jayson on his tractor was pretty taxing.
Yardwork and Football for the rest of the day. Maybe treat myself with a mudslide.
Gymboss and new KBs should be here next week.
Bama VS. Tenn tonight.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Day of Rest

No workout today. Relaxing the body and trying to keep the mind in check during this time of political uproar. I sincerely believe that our society is on a down hill spiral and this election could be a huge turning point for our nation. As it stands right now the majority of the citizens of the U.S. support punishing success in effort to play modern day robin hood and reward those who chose to stay in the muddy rut of normalcy. I am currently reading 'Grow Rich With Peace of Mind' by Napoleon Hill. This book praises the individual who will not settle for less than achievement of their full potential. This was a time when it was embarrassing to take a handout and men would rather go hungry than admit they were poor. What a down hill slide we have been on to reach a point where a candidate is on the verge of being elected because he promises to put a free check in a bum's hand. Pavel told me he came to America with $35. He delivered papers and bounced at bars to make ends meet. Amazing what you can do when you get off your butt and refuse to be average. I saw a recent quote that said "Choosing to stay in the rut of life just means you don't believe there is anything better out there". Off the soap box. Good night.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Worked out with Eddie. What a trooper.
Snatch Max V02
He hit 80 sets of 7 with a 30lb bell.
I hit 80 sets of 8 with the 35.

Last Night

Worked out with Em although she wasn't really into it. She actually introduced me to kettlebells. Here's my workout.
Clean and press ladders 4x4 with 24kg and 1x4 32kg
Bottom up cleans 3x5
Deadlift 32k 4x10
1 leg deadlift 1x5 24k
Tightrope press 3x5 24k
30:30 progressive swings 16k/24k/32k 10 sets.
Max v02 tonight. Going for 80 sets again then looking for a new goal.
ordering a 20k and a 12k for Em today.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Variety Day

Pump Stretch
Flexor Stretch
All work today with 24kg
10 Halos each direction
4 TGU each side alternating sides
3x5 get up sit up each side
3x20 floor sweeps
3x5 floor press each side
3x5 pushups on the KB
3x5 Maxercist rows each side
3x20 figure 8 to a hold .....
Jayson gave me an unsolicited lesson while I was resting

Monday, October 20, 2008

Light ROP and snatch test

Back to the 24kg. 5x3. Forearm still won't let me do the 32kg. Wednesday I'll do waiter clean and press and give the forearm a rest for a while.
Snatch test per new rules. 80 snatches complete at 4:24. Didn't push too hard. Could have done 100 in 5min with Rif in my face I think.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Heavy ROP

Took the kettlebells on the road with me.
5x5 24kg clean and press with rest only between 4 and 5 ladders.
235 swings in 10 minuntes.
100 pushups later
Cut and hauled about 2 cords of firewood. Did some splitting.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

80 Sets of 8

1 Snatch 640 times. Wow, that extra rep is a killer 80 times.
Yesterday the 32kg was killing my right forearm so I switched and did 5x5 with little rest using the 24kg. Finished off with 200 swings of various sorts.
Friday will be off or maybe some variety and Saturday will be 5x5 with no rest except between ladders.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday was...

Supposed to be a light clean and press day but I was pressed for time and my forearm was sore from Saturday so only a few with the 32kg.
10 minutes of snatches with the 24kg for 170 reps.
Travel in the afternoon and out of town Tuesday. No KBs on the plane. Pushups and stretching in the hotel room. Back to medium day Wednesday.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ran 5k @ 5:30am
Quick training session with some newbies around 12:30.
4pm Rite of Passage Heavy day
5 ladders 4 rungs Clean and Press 32kg (whew, that 4th rung is a muther every time)
Shook it up a bit on the swings. Started top of the minute with 2 hand 32kg for 30 seconds then rest 30 seconds then 30 seconds with the 24kg 1 hand either or switching then finish the round with 16kg speed swings or alternating swings. Total of 10 minutes 1:1 work to rest and about 200 or so total swings.
6pm J.R. came over and we tweaked his swing a bit and went through some basics.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Snatch V02

80 sets of 7 with the 35lb for 560 reps.
This was not challenging enough. Heartrate peaked at 152 so next time I will go with 8 or 9 reps. Emily hit 40 sets with the 20lb and Eddie hit 60 sets with the 30lb. Good workout for all.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday 10/8/08 ROP Medium

Get ups with 16kg then 24kg to warm up
5x3 Clean and Press ladders 32kg for 60 total reps
15minx20 swings on the minute alternating 32kg/24kg/16kg 300 reps
some snatches and presses practicing form.
Max V02 tomorrow with some comrades.
32kg is feeling lighter every workout. I'll try for the 5x4 on Saturday.
Training class Saturday in Daphne.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday 10/6/08

Clean and press ladders 5x2 32kg
Snatches 10 min 24kg 150 reps

Saturday, October 4, 2008

10/4/08 Snatch Test and Heavy Clean & Press

66 Snatches with the 24kg (2 extra just to make sure)
3x5 C&P 32kg
alternating 30 sec of swings top of the minute for 16 sets (15 min)
32kg and 24kg for about 320 swings.
Cold mudslide and more football while babysitting the grill.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

10/2/08 Variety Day

5 halos each way
3 sets each in circuit:
5 windmills r/l
5 goblet squats
1 get up r/l
5 get up sit ups r/l
20 floor sweeps
1 min overhead hold r/l

Then a few waiter cleans and snatch practice

What's a workout without swings?
4 sets of 25 2h, 1h, alternate and 2x2. Total of 100.
Inspired by my buddy J.R. who just weighed in and is down from 360 to 337.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday 10/1/08

5 deadlifts 32kg
3x3 c&p 32kg
2x2 c&p 32kg
5x20 swings 32kg
4x20 swings 24kg
1x20 speed swings 30lb (200 total swings)
slingshot between sets

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

9/30/08 Tuesday

Max V02 today.
warm up sets 4 min
check the max 1 min
3 min off
40 sets of 8 with 35lb
Total of 372 snatches in 28 min.
My plan is the ETK Rite of Passage Workout using the 32kg for
ladders and the 24kg for snatches. V02 on Tuesday and
variety on Thursday. Might switch these days to spread out the snatches
next week. Goal is 5x5 ladders with the 32kg, 80 sets V02 max and 200 snatches with the 24kg in 10 minutes (Secret Service Snatch Test).

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday - Light Day

5x2 C&P ladders 32kg
10 min of snatches 24kg total of 106 reps. Hands held up for sets of 10.
couple sets of swings with 24 and 32.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Not quite 100% but close

Hit the clean and press today. Tried a few snatches. Hands are healing nicely but still tender. The urge is there to smoke it but I don't want to be out for another week waiting on them to heal. Per the ETK, "Take care of your hands."
Clean and press is much more crisp after learning to troubleshoot.
Worked the C&P ladders today while cutting grass. Every time I had to empty the bagger I hit another ladder. Made it 3x5 before the Auburn game started and the hands felt like they would burst. I also was smoking some lunch on the grill. Nothing like a little multi tasking.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Idea for kettlebells in cars.

I was at my buddy's boat shop today and saw this. I've been working on an idea for a multi-bell holder but this was just sitting there so I snagged it. Works pretty good for my driving although I haven't tried it with my wife's yet. I found a smaller cheap one at Bass Pro for $6.99. It's made for the tongue jack on a trailer to sit in.


Dying to do some ballistics but I don't want to rip the hands open
again. Maybe a few presses, squats and TGUs. Patience! Grease the groove.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back from the RKC!

What a weekend! Nothing like a couple thousand swings to get your blood flowing. I met lot's of awesome people who share my passion for physical exertion. As soon as my hands feel better I'll be slinging the iron again. Here's a link to more photos from the RKC.