Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Week 2 Day 2 Lean Out

Joint Mobility Drills
Turkish Get Up 4x3
Deadlift 4x8
Side Press 4x8
Figure 8 to a hold 4x8
Crush Curl 4x8
Russian Twist 4x8
1 arm swing 4x16
35lb kb
415 spark, mns
445 snack bar
630 meal shake
900 zone bar
1130 deli turkey, 2 pieces cheese, wheat crackers pnut butter
1145 handful of semi sweet morsels
330 snack bar
630 3 egg, 2 whites omelet with cheese and turky pepperoni unsweet tea
handful of m&ms. skim milk.
I also take Advocare Catalyst 3 times per day on empty stomach
No cardio tonight

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