Friday, December 19, 2008

VO2 Max

80 sets of 8 with the 35 this morning at 5am. Not too bad.
Tonight I had the pleasure of introducing Jamie and Angela to the world of Kettlebells. We started off with joint mobility drills and then spent about an hour on the deadlift, swing and get up. I think they have a new respect and see an avenue that will get them to the next level in their pursuit of complete physical function. We're working on an accountability plan.
I catch a lot of flack about my diet. People seem to think I don't eat realistic food and portions. I think I'll start logging my approximate daily intake for a while in addition to my physical activities. Here goes:
4:15am Muscle Fuel, 3 Catalyst, MNS
4:45 Zone bar
6:45 Breakfast shake with almonds, scoop of muscle gain
9:15 Spark & Rehydrate, 3 catalyst
9:30 Zone bar
11:30 Firehouse med hook and ladder and chips with unsweet tea
5:30 25 low fat wheat cracker with low fat pnut butter
9:45 zone bar, skim milk, 2 handfuls of semi sweet chocolate chips

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