Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 2

Sorry for this blog being a little mixed up. I'm caught up now.
Today I did the 2nd KB work out in the new plan. I actually did KB and ran yesterday. Trying to cram as much as possible into 3 days this week. Shins are killing me since the long run last week so I'll rest them today. I'll post a link to the 4 week lean out plan.
Today's diet
400 MNS, Spark, Rehydrate, Catalyst
430 Snack bar, water
500 Workout
630 Meal Shake with almonds and a scoop of Muscle Gain
930 Snack Bar
1200 Cup of chili and club on wheat no mayo. Ate 5 chips. Unsweet tea.
130 Peanut Butter cookie with Hershey kiss on top
230 SLAM energy drink
300 Snack Bar
600 Steamed chicken breast plain, unsweet tea, wheat crackers and pnut butter.
One more day to stay off the "Naughty List".

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