Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mon and Tue - New Lean Out Routine 4 Weeks

I'm reading Marty Gallagher's 'Purposeful Primitive' book. This compilation of 40 years of life and training takes you through the various workouts that made legendary bodybuilders and strongmen the best in the world. Every one of these guys had their own style and routine. Each workout is different, some to the extreme but they all worked. Not that I'm trying to be a world class lifter but all of the strategies stimulate transformation of the body which is what anyone reading this blog including myself is constantly looking for. I'm only about half way through the book but I put together a 4 week cycle to shake things up. This workout is simple and takes 30 minutes 3 times per week.
Sets stays the same but number of reps goes up each week 5 to 8 to 10 to 12.
Day 1
Clean & Press 4x5
Renegade Row 4x5
Getup Situp 4x5
Floor Sweep 4x20

Day 2 Cardio

Day 3
Turkish Getup 4x2
Deadlift 4x5
Bent Press 4x5
Fig 8 to Hold 4x5
Crush Curl 4x5
Russian Twist 4x5
1 Arm Swing 4x10

Day 4 is Max V02 Snatch Workout

Day 5
1 Arm Swing 4x10
Tight Rope Press 4x5
1 Leg Deadlift 4x5
Tactical Lunge 4x5
Bottom up Clean 4x5
Floor Sweep 4x20
Windmill 4x5
Day 1 KB you can press 5 times each arm
Day 3 KB you can press 10 times each arm
Day 5 KB you can press 7 times each arm

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