Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm back!

Sorry no blogging for a while. I've been maintaining what I could since my surgery. Ended up with a 4 hour surgery. Torn rotator cuff and labrum.
I smoked the rehab and made a lot of the other patients mad but it was there own undoing. I used perfect technique as instructed by the therapist. I didn't overdo it and I used Advocare Post Workout Recovery every day after rehab.
I tried going back to KBs a few times but the shoulder could not take it at all. I've been doing bodyweight exercises and running. Finally did some swings in the last couple of weeks with a 26lb and then yesterday did clean and press. I have never been so excited to press a 26lb KB.
I ran 7 miles in just over an hour tonight. Back in the groove now. Lost some muscle mass but not a lot. Practiced good diet and Advocare nutrition the whole time so I'm not that far behind.
Heading into the holidays, it's this 2 months that most people throw caution to the wind. Don't do it. Enjoy good food but don't be stupid. Call me if you need encouragement!