Sunday, May 31, 2009


630 MNS, Spark, Rehydrate, Catalyst
700 Shake
730 Workout with Ray:
3 ladders clean and press to 5 rungs 70lb
2 ladders 5 rungs no rest 53lb
15 sets of 10 swings alternating 35, 53, 70lb.
930 zone bar
1200 deli turkey, roast beef and 25 cheese rolled up. 1 potato chip baked.
300 small tub of peanut butter (we were at the lake and I passed over the brownies, cookies, chips and salsa, etc so give me a break)
530 grilled chicken breast, 2 grilled burger patties one slice of 2% cheese
830 handful of granola, zone bar, chocolate chips, skim milk.

Friday, May 29, 2009

KB Complexes

4 rounds of this:
4 r/l TGU
10 DL
8 r/l Bent Press
8 r/l Figure 8 to hold
8 Crush Curl
20 Russian Twist
15 r/l swings
400 spark/rehyd mns max energy/catalyst
415 Meal Repl Shake for breakfast
600 Post workout recovery after the workout MNS, Amplify AT
915 Balance Bar
1245 turkey and cheese, wheat crackers, pnut butter, water, choc chips
315 Zone Bar

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Eddie, Gonzalo and Bobby showed up for Max V02 tonight.
3 of us did 40 sets and Bobby did 50. I had to use the 44lb since they
were using my 35s.
Snack - zone bar
Lunch - turkey sandwich meet, 2 sticks of 2% cheese and a handful of wheat crackers and low fat pnut butter.
Snack - Balance Bar
Supper - grilled chicken breast, squash and grean beans. Unsweet tea.
chocolate chips and granola for dessert.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Early Run

4am spark/rehydrate MNS Max Energy
430 meal shake
515 ran 2 miles, walked .5 to cool down
600 post workout shake with muscle gain
900 spark
930 zone bar
1130 Grilled grouper sandwich with cheese and grits, water to drink
230 SLIM
330 zone bar
530 eggs with cheese and turkey sausage
600 a few wheat crackers and pnut butter
also ate a handfull of granola and some semi sweet chocolate chips/skim milk.
745 rehydrate and argenine extreme
I also did a 5 rung ladder with the 70 and 53, slingshots in between rungs.
2 pistols each side with 53lb kb
5 windmills each side 53
cut grass for about an hour.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back From Vacation

Disney the 1st weekend then Dr Hackman on Thursday and the mountains of TN this past weekend. I did get to train with Tim for a few hours on Saturday and my mom on Sunday.
Ate a lot but not too bad, however I tipped the scales at 199 this morning when I rolled out of bed. Clothes fit fine and my 33" pants are not tight but I just feel too heavy. Time to flush out the fat for a week or two and clean up the rough edges of my intake.
Today's food:
Meal shake for breakfast
Zone bar at 9:30
Grilled chicken breast and 2 pieces of cheese for lunch with water
Balance bar at 3:30
Green beans with ground chicken and tomato sauce for dinner.
Handful of granola and Kashi crackers.
Today's workout:
5 sets of 2 rungs clean and press 88lb KB (30 reps total)
1 set of 5l/5r snatches 70lb KB
3 sets of 10l/10r snatches 70 (70 reps total)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Black or White?

There is no gray. Do you want to make a change in your life and feel better, look better and perform better? Yes or No. Maybe means no. If the answer is yes, then start today. Break a sweat every day. Get on a healthy consumption routine (Not a diet). Don't expect it to happen over night unless it's the legal meth the Dr's are advertising with the b12 shots to keep you functional until you look like a skeleton from starvation.


Today's Workout:

Clean and press ladders 5 ladders to 4 reps. Total of 100 reps.

1st rep for each arm on the ladder was an 88lb kb. Total of 10 reps.

2,3,4 ladder was a 70lb kb. Total of 90 reps.

5 minutes of swings alternating 88, 70, 53. Got almost 100 swings.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Variety Day

Joint Mobility
10 min of TGU
4 sets 5 windmills each arm
2 sets floor sweeps
practice clean and jerks
5 sets 20 swings
pistol practice
bottom up press practice
5 sets 5 body weight pull ups

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back from Disney

After a few days off I came home and jumped into the ETK workout.
5 ladders to 3 rungs 70lb kb
7 sets of 5l/5r snatches 70lb kb

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Return of the Kettlebell

Got my DVD Thursday. Several new exercises so I practiced. 5 rounds of the following:
10 Swings - Heavy 70lb
10 L/R Viking Push Press 26lb
10 L/R Front Snatch 26lb
10 L/R Side Snatch 26lb
10 L/R Snatch 53lb
10 Double Clean 53lb
5 ladders 1/2/3 Doubles 35/44lb snatch up then press
5 sets 5 squats 35/44
2 sets 20 double deadlift 35/44
Practicing the new DVD. I'll probably go through a week or a month of the ETK
workout with the 53 or 70 then start the new RTK program.
Need a 10 minute snatch test soon for a baseline on my snatch goal. Deadlift and pullups
will happen if I go through the RTK no doubt.
Off to Disney. Pushups and kid chasing for 4 days. Then it's on.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where's my DVD?

Tuesday - 100 or so swings. I was doing sets of 20 and I lost count. Also some pistol practice.
Wednesday - 1 0n 1 with a friend this morning. Introduction to KBs. Got in a few presses and some practice of the basics. Will likely do my own workout tonight.
I ordered Pavel's new DVD last week. I've been bouncing around between doing the Right of Passage workout from Enter the Kettlebell, complexes, swings and snatch practice. I've not been sticking to one set program and I fell my strength and level of conditioning has tapered off a bit.
This will be changing soon. I plan to go through the new DVD and get on a program. Even if I rotate a month at a time, I've seen much better results when I set a schedule 4 weeks at a time.
Some goals:
5 presses each side with the 40kg (1 r/l is current pr)
20 pullups (13 pr)
125 snatches in 5 minutes with the 53lb. (100 pr)
I would also like to work on my deadlift technique and shoot for around 500lbs. (405 pr)
If you read this blog and care to join me with some goals, feel free to post up.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Catching Up

Saturday - Trained a couple of folks and didn't work out other than demonstrating
this and that. Stretched out good and did joint mobility.
Sunday -
Joint Mobility/Stretching
Military Press:
44lb x 10 l/r
53lb x10 l/r
70lb x 5 l/r
88lb x 1 l/r
35lb/44lb doubles 10 switch sides 10 more
53lb/70lb doubles 5 switch sides 5 more
3 sets of pushups
2 sets of squats
2 sets dead lift
Joint Mobility/Stretches
100 snatches in 4:50 with 53lb
windmills 2x5 each side
floor sweeps 2x26

Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't Ask Me I Might Do It

Thursday Night - v02 snatches 40 sets of 7
Wednesday Morning-
Started as an innocent workout:
Joint Mobility and Stretching.
Clean and Press light (44lb) to get the lats firing. 5 rungs for a complete ladder.
Completed the 2nd ladder with only a rest between and Gonzalo, who was working the 35lb due to a sore shoulder suggests I switch to the 53lb so he can use the 44lb. OK, no problem. Knocked out another 5 rungs, short rest 4th ladder all the way through, then I set the 53 on his mat and said 'next' and picked up the 70lber. Finished with a 5 rung ladder with the 70. I did rest between 4th and 5th rung. I guess you call it "ramp ladders". 44/53/70. 150 total reps.
Skipped the swings.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Tuesday - off
Joint Mobility/cobras/down dogs
Deadlift 5 reps 53lbs
Squat 5 reps 53lbs
Bottom up Clean 5 reps each arm 53lbs
Teapot 5 reps 44lbs
Jackpot 5 reps 53lbs
Floor Sweep 20 reps 53lbs
Floor Press 5 reps each arm 53lbs
Get up Sit Up 5 reps each arm 53lbs
50 swings
Repeat 3 times
Running 5k tonight

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tactical Strength Challenge

Sunday I did a variety workout with Em. Worked the major core exercises.
Monday - TSC trial run.
Deadlift 405 (my form stinks, not comfortable at all)
Pullups 12
53lb Snatches in 5 min 100
1st time doing DL since 9th grade (yes that's 21 years ago)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

One for the Crossfit folks

We're on the 15th floor of the resort here in Destin so I got up this morning and did 30 reps of joint mobility, 100 pushups. Took off down the stairs, 30 flights. Hit the GPS and ran West on the beach for 1.6 then turned around and ran back. Jumped in the ocean to cool down. Walked up to the pool and dove in to swim a couple of lengths. Caught my breath for a minute by the pool and took off back up the 30 flights of stairs.
I could get used to this!
Yesterday: Joint mobility, swings, presses, snatches, squats, deadlifts with the 35lb kb.
Mineral wrap yesterday at slendersmith's spa in Destin.
So now I'm ready to go to a family reunion and chow down without feeling so guilty.