Thursday, December 23, 2010

Slowly but Surely

I was just plain scared to swing a KB with my single right arm and I felt I needed something besides 2 hand swings so I started going to the gym. It's pretty fun for your 5 year old to ask when we can go to the gym because he likes the kids care.
I'm doing the workout that helped me gain 12lbs in 6 weeks in 2008. It was given to me by Dr. William Kraemer from Advocare Science and Medical Board. He's well known in the sports medicine world. The workout is nonlinear periodization. It hits all body parts at every workout with varying intensity and technique. Feels much safer with 2 hands on a bar. Going light for now but gaining strength. When I say light, I mean the bar.
Mon/Wed/Fri Kraemer Workout (takes around 30 min)
Tue/Thur 15:15 Swings. I'm up to 40 sets or 20 min.
For the new year, consider how you define your self worth and if you need an adjustment.
Physical achievements? Money? Fancy car?............or Faith, Family and what you can do for
those around you?