Monday, September 7, 2009

Basics with Videos

According to Pavel, all you need is the Snatch, Swing and Turkish Get up so here's me doing them.
Once you are comfy with the moves, and your local friendly RKC ;-) has checked your form, a good way to shed the fat is to alternate days of Swing/Turkish get up and Snatches. Do them for time. 15 seconds work/45 seconds rest until you can do 20 minutes. Then up the work/rest ratio. Go for 3 0r 4 days then take a day off. This is an easy routine to manipulate around travel or weekends and it's only 20 minutes.
Monday: 5 minutes Turkish Get Ups. 10 minutes of swings 15:45 work:rest
Tuesday: 10 Minutes Snatches: 15 seconds left/rest 45/15 seconds right rest 45, etc.
Wednesday: Rest/stretch/walk or jog
Thursday: Repeat Monday
Friday: Repeat Tuesday
Saturday: Walk/Run/etc
Sunday: Start over or take the day off.
Keep a log so you can chart your progress. Log your workout/rest and your food. 200 calories 40/30/30 carb/fat/protein every 2-3 hours.

Start with a quick stretch:

Next is 5-10 minutes of alternating sides with the Turkish Get Up:

Take your time. Don't worry about counting. These are great to do in hotel rooms while

traveling. Just balance a shoe on your fist. No weight is needed. You can also do bodyweight squats while holding on to the doornobs of an open door.

Here's the 2 handed swing (88lbs) from the front and the side. Make sure you start by hiking it back and loading up the hammies. Fire it forward with the hips, not up with the arms. Lock the glutes, quads and dear abbies. Everything arrives at once. Hike it back down and beat gravity. Practice each rep. Act like you're punching a hole in the wall with your butt on the down swing/hike.

The Snatch is Pop/Pull/Punch. Tame the arc. Punch your butt back on the way down to load up.

Here's a couple of more for kicks:
Double press with the 70lb right/88lb left and the Pistol. I'm working on a pistol with
body weight but so far I've only done one with the 18lb. It's easier with more weight. I've done the 88 but not a body weight! go figure.

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