Saturday, September 5, 2009

2nd Block of RTK - Done

Finished of the explosive block with long cycle 32kg kbs.
I have decided that this is an awesome routine but I don't really need to add
15lbs of bulk in the next few months so I'm modifying the program a little.
I'll be doing ETK work mixed with VO2. Block style, probably a week of each. This will coincide with some guys that want to do the Right of Passage workout for the 1st time and will allow me to work on conditioning. I'll probably mix in some double work. I love the double press but the LCCJ is going to build more muscle than I want. When my neck gets over 17" I snore really bad and feel too big. I like the lean and tight much better than bulk.
I was able to press the 32kg and 40kg at the same time with the 40 in either hand so I will continue the grinds and shoot for a beast press when I can buy or borrow one.
Time for some College Football! Going to watch Auburn and La Tech tonight.
Check out the video at go to his BIO tab

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