Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back From Vacation

Disney the 1st weekend then Dr Hackman on Thursday and the mountains of TN this past weekend. I did get to train with Tim for a few hours on Saturday and my mom on Sunday.
Ate a lot but not too bad, however I tipped the scales at 199 this morning when I rolled out of bed. Clothes fit fine and my 33" pants are not tight but I just feel too heavy. Time to flush out the fat for a week or two and clean up the rough edges of my intake.
Today's food:
Meal shake for breakfast
Zone bar at 9:30
Grilled chicken breast and 2 pieces of cheese for lunch with water
Balance bar at 3:30
Green beans with ground chicken and tomato sauce for dinner.
Handful of granola and Kashi crackers.
Today's workout:
5 sets of 2 rungs clean and press 88lb KB (30 reps total)
1 set of 5l/5r snatches 70lb KB
3 sets of 10l/10r snatches 70 (70 reps total)

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