Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't Ask Me I Might Do It

Thursday Night - v02 snatches 40 sets of 7
Wednesday Morning-
Started as an innocent workout:
Joint Mobility and Stretching.
Clean and Press light (44lb) to get the lats firing. 5 rungs for a complete ladder.
Completed the 2nd ladder with only a rest between and Gonzalo, who was working the 35lb due to a sore shoulder suggests I switch to the 53lb so he can use the 44lb. OK, no problem. Knocked out another 5 rungs, short rest 4th ladder all the way through, then I set the 53 on his mat and said 'next' and picked up the 70lber. Finished with a 5 rung ladder with the 70. I did rest between 4th and 5th rung. I guess you call it "ramp ladders". 44/53/70. 150 total reps.
Skipped the swings.

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