Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Early Run

4am spark/rehydrate MNS Max Energy
430 meal shake
515 ran 2 miles, walked .5 to cool down
600 post workout shake with muscle gain
900 spark
930 zone bar
1130 Grilled grouper sandwich with cheese and grits, water to drink
230 SLIM
330 zone bar
530 eggs with cheese and turkey sausage
600 a few wheat crackers and pnut butter
also ate a handfull of granola and some semi sweet chocolate chips/skim milk.
745 rehydrate and argenine extreme
I also did a 5 rung ladder with the 70 and 53, slingshots in between rungs.
2 pistols each side with 53lb kb
5 windmills each side 53
cut grass for about an hour.

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