Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 1 Week 2 24kg KB

Joint mobility
Clean and Press 4x8
Squat 4x8
Renegade Row 4x8
Get up Sit Up 4x8
Floor Sweep 4x26
Snatch 4x10
Circuit format, done in 30 minutes
415 snack bar
630 meal replacement shake
900 zone bar
1200 1 turkey sausage link, wheat crackers w/ pnut butter, water
1215 handful of M&Ms
330 snack bar
715 grilled chicken, new potatoes, mushrooms, dark chocolate, skim milk
I ran 7 miles in 55 min at 6:00.
I also drank spark, water, 1 cup black coffee, Advocare MNS, Rehydrate, Arginine at various times throughout the day.
circuit in the morning, likely snatch V02 tomorrow night.
circuit Wed morning and run again Wed night or Thurs.
Off Friday & Sat

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