Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Eating

Just some things to consider. I've tried to abide by this for the last few days.
1. Limit yourself to one plate or atleast one spoon of each concoction/casserole offered you at the meal.
2. Pick one good dessert and enjoy.
3. It's not critical that you completely clean your plate. leave a bite or two.
4. Go for the chocolate covered nuts instead of pretzels, they have protein.
5. Graze the snacks by with your fingers instead of handfuls.
As for exercise. I helped my dad cut 4 loads of wood yesterday(he mostly watched) and
I ran 5k this morning.
Showed an old friend and lifter the basic KB moves this afternoon.
Back to working out tomorrow. Missing the Max V02 workout already.
Got a Captains of Crush gripper in my stocking so I'm working that throughout the day.


MKSchinabeck said...

Santa hooked you with the COC. I have been working them regularly along with the extensor bands from Training looks good.

Jon Alford said...

Yeah, I'll probably get some bands when I order the next gripper. That little workout I'm doing is a smoker when you add those extra reps every week.