Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Diet this past weekend

7:30am breakfast shake
9:30am Zone bar
11:30am Ground Turkey Tacos 3 with cheese. Unsweet tea
2:30pm Handful of almonds, pnut butter crackers
5:30pm Omelet 2 eggs 2 whites, cheese, turkey, turkey sausage and shot of skim milk. Chocolate skim milk
8:00 Handful of semi sweet morsels with skim milk
4am muscle fuel, mns, catalyst,
430 balance bar
630 breakfast shake with muscle gain and almonds, shot of fat free jello pudding cheescake flavor
8:15 2 pieces fudge, banana nut bread (I'm a sucker for baked goods at the office)
900 zone bar black coffee
1130 cheese grits, turkey sausage
3:45 zone bar black coffee
5:45 spark, arginine extreme
6:00 ran 5k in about 22 min.
6:30 soy spagetti with grated cheese and sauce
8:30 snack pack vanilla pudding

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