Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Completed the 3rd workout in my new weekly cycle. See prior post link.
The 6 or 7 exercises with 4 sets of 5 reps seems perfect for the 1st week. Next week bumps up the reps a notch. By week 4 this should be exciting.
400 mns, spark, rehydrate, 3 catalyst
430 snack bar
500 workout #3
700 meal shake, scoop of protein, almonds
900 snack bar
1000 wheat crackers and low fat pnut butter
1200 deli turkey and cheese, no bread and a few wheat crackers
200 almonds
300 spark, catalyst, snack bar
600 2 large pancakes, syrup, 2 pieces turkey sausage, grits, eggs skim milk
800 Santa had to eat 3 or 4 cookies
900 handful of 60% cocoa morsels and skim milk
Tomorrow could be a bad eating day. No workout. Plan to run and workour Fri/Sat.
Merry Christmas!

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