Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Week 2 Day 3 44lb KB

"If you woke your dog, forced him to eat 2 doughnuts, a cup of coffee and a cigarette, you would be arrested for animal abuse"
Jack Lallane
Joint Mobility
Swings 4x16
Tight Rope Press 4x8
1 leg DL 4x8
Lunge 4x8
Bottom up C&P 4x8
Floor Sweep 4x26
Windmill 4x8
530 snack bar
630 morning workout
800 meal shake with 1scoop muscle gain and almonds
930 zone bar
1230 Pizza, 3 slices, mmm good
no snack
630 pork tenderloin, mushrooms, new potatoes, whole grain rice from the crock pot we loaded this morning.
handful of semi sweet morsels and M&Ms with skim milk.
No booze tonight. I had my splurge at lunch.
Drank spark, black coffee, water and unsweet tea today.
have a safe and happy New year!

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