Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Lunch Workout

Joint mobility
5 halos l/r
Circuit x3:
Goblet squat 5/24kg
Swing 10/24kg
Figure 8 to Hold 5 l/r 24kg
Bottom up clean and press 5 l/r 16kg
Pistol 1 l/r 20kg
KB pushup 10
Crush Curl 10 24kg
done less than 30 min


Marianne said...

back to reporting today...this morning did...

Halos to warm up
5 snatches each arm
5 goblet squats
5 clean and press each side
5 rows each arm
60 swings

Jon Alford said...

Awesome. You need to post your goals. What are you working for/toward? Lose a certain amount of lbs/inches? compete in some kind of event like a 5k or something? Kick Brad's butt with one hand behind your back? (we all know you can do it now with 2 hands). What's your goal?