Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Workout with Eddie

Had a little fun and just practiced some tension exercises.
Goblet Squats 3x10 20kg
Suitcase DL 3x10 l/r
Maxercist Row 3x10 l/r
Tightrope Military Press 3x5 l/r
Swing ladders 24kg/16kg/20kg 15 second intervals ballistics with the 16kg. We did them in succession for about 10 sets each and were pretty smoked. Kind of spur of the moment so we were scrambling. Not the safest practice so next time we've got to tweak it a bit. This was 45 sec of work and 45 seconds of rest. The catch is during your rest you've got to push the 16kg for the other guy.
We then practiced some bottom up presses, waiter presses, deck squats, floor work, etc. I showed Eddie how much more he could press using tension. Also jacked him down a few inches in the squat using one of Pavel's tricks. Eddie is about 210lbs right now, down from 260. He's close to his desired weight but it's time to redistribute and swap some fat for muscle.

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