Monday, November 10, 2008

Light Day

Ran 5k 24:24 last night.
Light Right of Passage this morning.
5x3 clean and press 24kg
100 snatches in 4 min 24kg
I challenged J.R. that I will take 1 min off my 5k for every 5 min he takes off his. Should be interesting.


Marianne said...

Tomorrow will be the test as I hit the road to work again, but for today...

Did 5 sets up to 3 of clean and press with the 15lb.

8 minutes of snatches with 15lb alternating 30 sec work/rest. Did 6-10 snatches in each interval. Also 30 minues of yogo/aerobics.

Marianne said...

TUESDAY---Did windmills, figure 8 to a hold and front squats. Went through 4 times and did about 5 reps of each.

Marianne said...

WEDNESDAY---where'd you go?

5 ladders up to 4 of clean and press...rolled a big fat one for a minute of swings! Went ahead and did two minutes though..just for fun.

Jon Alford said...

I'm back. New update coming. You rolled a big fat one? Did you smoke it? I'm telling your mother.