Friday, October 24, 2008

Day of Rest

No workout today. Relaxing the body and trying to keep the mind in check during this time of political uproar. I sincerely believe that our society is on a down hill spiral and this election could be a huge turning point for our nation. As it stands right now the majority of the citizens of the U.S. support punishing success in effort to play modern day robin hood and reward those who chose to stay in the muddy rut of normalcy. I am currently reading 'Grow Rich With Peace of Mind' by Napoleon Hill. This book praises the individual who will not settle for less than achievement of their full potential. This was a time when it was embarrassing to take a handout and men would rather go hungry than admit they were poor. What a down hill slide we have been on to reach a point where a candidate is on the verge of being elected because he promises to put a free check in a bum's hand. Pavel told me he came to America with $35. He delivered papers and bounced at bars to make ends meet. Amazing what you can do when you get off your butt and refuse to be average. I saw a recent quote that said "Choosing to stay in the rut of life just means you don't believe there is anything better out there". Off the soap box. Good night.

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