Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday, Heavy Day

Started off the day with a trip to Lowes with Jayson. He entertained the staff and the customers. After about 15 minutes I had to plug my ears and think about what I came to buy. Back home at 10:30.
Warm up joint mobility, stretches, halos.
Clean and press heavy day. I started off with the 32kg and basically did
5 ladders of 5 reps. The 1st 3 rungs of a ladder with the 32kg and the 4 and 5 rep sets with the 24kg. I did a couple of 4 rep sets with the 32kg. Feeling pretty strong and the 'lead the kettlebell with your eyes not your head in the press' increased my strength. Total of 150 reps.
Finished off with 140 swings with the 24k in 5 minutes.
The workout was easy. Staying safe while dodging the dog and Jayson on his tractor was pretty taxing.
Yardwork and Football for the rest of the day. Maybe treat myself with a mudslide.
Gymboss and new KBs should be here next week.
Bama VS. Tenn tonight.

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