Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Week3 Workout2

35lb KB 5 sets of 5 except TGU did 2 reps each side and swings 10 each side
Turkish Getup
Bent Press
Fig 8 to Hold
Crush Curl
Russian Twist
1 Arm Swing
Shane and Gonzalo met me at the Gym. Great workout. We decided to reduce the reps and increase the sets for week 3 and 4.
Jamie and Angela showed great progress last night. They've definately been practicing. They will be working on building capacity with swings, snatches, Cleans, presses and deadlift. They have set goals and I have no doubt they will achieve them.
Diet today:
4am MNS Spark Rehydrate Catalyst
445 snack bar skim milk
700 meal shake
900 snack bar
1130 1/2 link turkey sausage, whole wheat crackers, pnut butter
230 snack bar and zone bar (I was hungry, ok?)
330 Spark and 3 Catalyst
630? at the time of this post it looks like a cheat meal at New Yorker Deli

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