Thursday, January 22, 2009

Max V02 PR, Eddie Press PR and Motivation by Angela

So I called Angela on the way home from work to get a little motivation since I've been dragging around due to the cold weather. We were both on the edge of working out or not so she challenged me. We agreed to blog tonight or call each other out. My buddy Eddie is always there when you need him. I called Eddie and he came over for some V02 snatch work. He walked in and picked up my 35lb Kettlebell since he owns 80 sets of 8 with his 30. I looked at him and said "what am I supposed to use?" He just looked at my 44lb Dragon Door KB and smiled, "it's time for you to step it up, you did 80 sets of 8 with the 35 the last several times". Here we go. Gym boss aka "the devil" set on 80 sets. I started at 5 reps with the 44lb, Eddie started with 6 reps on the 35lb. 23 sets to go and Eddie says "let's finish strong" and hits 7 reps. Not to be outdone I upped to 6 reps for 3 sets then finished at 7 reps per set for the last 20 sets. I guess we hit around 450 snatches total maybe a few more. ..... As we did some fast and loose cool down, I picked up the 70lber and pressed it with my left arm, set it down and told Eddie "you're next". He cleaned it and strict pressed the 70lb (32kg) kettlebell for a new personal record! ... Em took some pics and vids. I'll try to post up.

PS: Eddie, we gotta work on that hip snap bro. I couldn't see it while I was working out but the vid told on you.


MKSchinabeck said...

Strong work Jon. How cold can it really be?

Jon Alford said...

It's been in the 20s. We had to wear long pants and everything. They had 70s in TX yesterday and it should be here tomorrow. I feel your pain in Cleveland. I was in Iowa a couple weeks back. Luv ya, mean it, will write you a letter but I'm going home! I've been keeping up with you on the GS work.

Angela said...

Thanks for the phone call! Just the push I needed. Then, Jamie and I had dueling squats tonight to prove how low we could go. Might have to have you guys judge a little contest. Tell Emily I'm ready to move my chalk line further down. :) Glad she's doing better.


edward said...


Jon Alford said...

Angela, I have the perfect drill for the squat technique. You'll blink your eyes and be touching the ground.
Eddie, you are a champion.

Jamie said...

You guys are awesome, I gotta work on my technique more. But comparing Eddie's vid to yours Jon it looks like he is using his arm to lift the weight rather than a hip snap. Maybe he should move up in weight to make him perfect the technique (evil grin) I have the same issue, can get a bit lazy on technique.

Its not the temp so much as the humidity, 20's & dry is not so bad, 20's & damp, oh my, We had a guy die of exposure over here, a very rare event on the Gulf Coast