Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 4 Day 1

Shane and Gonzalo at the gym.
Joint mobility, stretched out.
53lb kb
5 sets 10 reps all exercises but floor sweeps did 26 reps each set
Clean and Press
Renegade Row
Get up Sit up
Floor Sweep
We were all drenched. Done in 1 hour including warmup.
Probably will repeat this cycle for another month then go back to ETK for a month.
400 MNS, Catalyst, Spark/Rehydrate
445 snack bar and skim milk
630 post workout shake
730 breakfast shake with almonds and banana
900 catalyst
930 zone bar
1000 spark
1245 small salad and chicken chili, unsweet tea
215 low fat pnutbutter and lowfat wheat thins, water, handful of Kashi.

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