Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cruisin the Creek Prattville 5k and Fun Run

22:08 in the 5k. Finished 3rd in my division, top 25 of about 400 overall.
6:04 in the 1 mile Fun Run. Never done this before so I wasn't sure how hard to run. I had 3 to beat coming down the stretch with about 75 yards to go. Gunned it and came in 1st place. Thanks Muscle Fuel.
5:15 max energy, spark, rehydrate, catalyst
6:15 meal shake, amplify AT
8:15 Muscle Fuel, 3 Catalyst
9:00 5k
10:00 1 miler
10:15 rehydrate and excel, snack bar
2:00 Olive Garden pizza, no breadsticks, water, minstrone soup
6:00 small portion of pulled pork, beans, bread, tea.
Not a good food day but I did burn a few calories this morning. Went light this evening.
Mom wanted Olive Garden so what is a good son to do?


Jamie said...

congrats on the races. I'm glad u had fun.

Angela said...

Good job! Tell Emily I can hear her in my head when I'm doing my swings. It's a good thing.