Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gym Mullets

Here is a post from a forum I read. The mullets he refers to are the folks who show up at the gym with more equipment than perserverance and get in the way of people who make fitness a part of their lifestyle. I personally consider it a victory if I can gently convert one from time to time to the regimen it takes to actually produce and maintain results. My friends I have worked out with for the last couple of years including but not limited to Gonzalo and Shane entertain ourselves watching their feeble attempts in the gym (this of course after we have offered to show them the light and been shunned).
You want to look a certain way or lift a certain weight you gotta do certain things that might not be easy or fun for a while. You're not gonna get there doing the same lame exercises on a machine every day for a year or playing hamster on the treadmill for an hour every day. You have good intentions but you need a little guidance. You don't burn many calories leaning on a cable machine running your mouth. Cancel the subscription to Men's Fitness and stop following the exercise of the month.
Regarding Mullets:
"Recently, there was a lot of discussion on the subject. A lot of tempers flared and I had some good laughs but couldn't help but cock my eyebrow. What's wrong with laughing at them? I read the thread and this is the only thing that I could think of. It came to my attention that making fun of mullets seems to offend the unaccomplished. It's like some minority throwing a rally.

This isn't rocket surgery, okay? It's not like jeering a college dropout. "Quit making fun of those less fortunate!" At least you have an excuse to do that. Everything you need to know to get in shape costs $29.95. A kettlebell costs $76-$300. It can take as little as 34 minutes per week with the Program Minimum. That's like going to college in your living room, paying a much as $300 dollars for tuition and $30 for books. You only have a half hour of classes. When you tell me that you dropped out under those circumstance, I'll know it's because you decided to sleep in and smoke pot rather than go to class.

The only excuse you have for not succeeding is that you didn't do it. Look. I just recently put up 56kg with the getup at 150lb. You can't say you're too small. It took me less than three months, starting at the point where I could barely do a halfup with the Beast. I have no athletic background, having done my first workout (pushups and such) about four years ago. You can't say that success takes forever. I have what I call a poor man's diet, so it doesn't even take supplements.

Wow! What does it take? Do the work. It's that simple. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to blow your mind.

So what does it mean when you get pissed at someone for laughing at mullets? You need to exercise. We aren't calling you a mullet if you try. We're calling you a mullet for trying and giving up a week later. Take offense or take a hint. I could honestly care less.

See? When you have the knowledge and material to do the work, I have no sympathy. I've trained while working 40-60 while being in school for 20. I've trained with pneumonia, bronchitis, third degree burns on my legs, a crushed finger. I trained while I was living out of my car, sleeping 3-5 hours per night, eating one small meal per day, etc. Regardless of your situation, you can usually take five minutes out of your day to do some getups or twelve minutes for some swings."

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