Friday, January 23, 2009

Cardio Day

Ran 3.77 miles in about 29 minutes. Nothing to brag about. I've only run one time since the race 2 Saturdays ago so getting back in the groove for double bridge 15k in 2 weeks. Talked to Eddie "the animal" earlier and he had done a complex workout this afternoon with the 44lb kettlebell, this after the 80 sets of snatches last night. Checked in with Jamie today too. He's really annoyed that he has to keep cinching up his "fat shorts". Girls have their jeans, guys have their shorts I guess.
I've been asked to post some clips of exercises. I'll work on that tomorrow.


Angela said...

Please tell "the animal" we need him to take the big jacket off so we can see progress. Eddie is looking great! I'm working on gathering our before photos. Not too many photos taken of us, as we've successfully avoided the camera over the years. I'm going to have to make Jamie some shorts we can keep taking in. Even his nice shorts are too big. We could also use an ice pick, since he's on the farthest hole on the belt, for the belt badge of honor, you know. You and Emily ROCK!!!

Jon Alford said...

I've told Eddie the same thing. He needs to show off his progress. I think he's like you guys, he wants to hide it and make a grand entrance one day (Thanksgiving '09?)