Sunday, April 5, 2009

Viking Conditioning

Got Kenneth Jay's new book and read it yesterday.
I went through the V02 Snatch Test and then did 30 sets of 7 reps.
I plan to follow the plan in the book for a while. This is 15:15 snatch protocol until
reaching 80 sets of 8. I'll be doing presses, pistols and get ups on the same days and then
running a couple on the off days. Workouts will be 3x per week with 2 off days and 2 running days.
I got the Bulldog on Thursday. I can press it left andright. I also did a pistol on the right side last night with no flaws.
Had awesome KB sessions with a couple of new friends that have been doing KBs for a while. Always fun to help someone have an ah-ha moment.

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