Monday, April 20, 2009

V02 and a Facelift

Did 24 sets of snatches before my back was killing me. I'm switching to 2 times per week with a tension/grind day in between.

I repainted one of the kettlebells I got second hand last week. It looked like a marble so I taped it off and hit it with rustoleum. It will probably look like crap after a few sessions and I'll sand the handle back down but at least it will be black now.


ddunnam said...

hey jon,, things are closer to getting back to normal. did vo2 max tues. 20min 7reps. 20min 6 reps with 35lb. weds 15min sw 30sec sw 30sec rest 53lb. 3x5 squat/press. 3sets 8's, russian twists. holding off on snatches for now.. getting excited about the class. trying to make training hard as possible. running and doing pullups on off days. hope we can get together soon. thanks ,david

Jon Alford said...

will do. Call you today.