Friday, April 24, 2009


Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: Ran 2.8 miles in my new Vibram barefoot shoes. I nursed my calves the rest of the day but it wasn't too bad. Did some circuit work.
Thursday Night: 4 rounds of the following circuit with the 53lb KB:

Turkish Getup x2
Deadlift x5
Bent Press x5
Fig 8 to Hold x5
Crush Curl x5
Russian Twist x5
1 Arm Swing x10
Friday Morning: Ran 3.1 and my lower legs were about to explode so I walked the last mile. I have really lit up my calves/shin/ankle muscles with this mid/front strike running.

I like the concept of the Viking Warrior Conditioning but I tried to jump in too fast going 3 times per week and adding the fast hike at the same time. Since I run a couple days a week and like the tension/grind exercises for strength, I have found that 1 or 2 times per week suits me better on the Snatch V02. I have plenty of endurance but my left lower back doesn't like the snatches if I only take one day off in between.

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