Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, Tuesday and a PHd......

Monday Workout:
Joint mobility
Cobra and Down Dogs
Deadlift 4x5
Squat 4x5
Clean and Press 4x5
Windmill 4x5
Snatches 4x10
setsxreps (per arm on single arm stuff) all with 53lb KB
Eating lunch now but about to just do a bunch of swings.
PHd = Pie Hole diary
(stolen from Brad Nelson's http://www.bradrants.com/)
What you put in your Pie Hole consistently (that means every day for atleast 6 out of 7 days for a period of a few months minimum but preferably the rest of your life) amounts to about 80% of what your body looks like. Yes, you are what you eat. Mom was right. The fastest way to lose weight or get leaner and feel better is to correct what you eat (or don't eat). You can do all the kettlebells, running, weight lifting, hamster treadmill elyptical, pilates, yoga, boot camp, etc, etc, etc, you want to do but as you get older "you can't outrun a doughnut" (Dave Whitley).
Fix your nutrition. Eat things that are 'good calories' not bad calories. Take good quality supplements to fill in the gaps. Commit to 3 months. Quit planning it, talking about it and thinking about it and do it. The best place to start is with your Pie Hole diary.
Pie Hole diary: very complicated process.
1. acquire pen and paper, blogspot, email, etc.
2. write down everything (call or email me and I'll define everything) you eat or drink.
3. at the end of the day/week/month compare notes with your accountability partner.
4. accountability partner - Friend, spouse, trainer, blogger from across the country, etc that will call you out and tell you to quit cheating if you every want to get fit.
5. consult someone about changes you can make to reach your goal.

Forget working out for the 1st week or so. Concentrate on your Pie Hole diary. Get it right, then add some exercise.

Good luck! Call me or email if I can help. I will hold you accountable.
Lunch Workout
10 sets of 20 swings with the 53lb kb
5 sets of 20 pushups

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