Monday, March 2, 2009


Worked a football combine in Baton Rouge this weekend. Talked to about 300 kids and their parents about proper nutrition.
I got 3 texts yesterday from users of our new Advocare product "SLIM".
Since the product was introduced 9 days ago one person lost 8 lbs, one 6lbs and one 5lbs. I personally lost 3 lbs and have only taken it about 5 or 6 times in the afternoon this week. The cool thing about SLIM is that it's liquid and portable. Click the Advocare button to your left to check it out.
Planning work out more this week and run. I did take a 44lb KB to the combine as a conversation piece and got the respect of some potential division 1 and 2 players with the pistol and bottoms up demonstrations.
70lb kb
5 ladders 2 rungs
Ok I admit I shredded my hands last week. I broke one of the cardinal rules of the RKC, I didn't stop when I knew I should have. I did clean and press very gently then did some static overhead holds with the 53. I'll be back!
I did get my #2 gripper last week. I can almost close it. Some work to do there. I also got the bands for extensor work.

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