Saturday, March 14, 2009

(just a) Girly Workout?

My wife and I have a marker board in the garage where we work out with kettlebells so we can keep track of sets and ladders or write out a workout ahead of time when we are training someone. Here's what was on the board when I got it out to do my workout today. Em forgot to erase it after she was done or she was taunting me.
50 swings
10 teapots
20 snatches
clean and press ladders
20 lunges
5 TGU each side
50 swings
20 get up sit ups
20 floor sweeps
100 swings
I just want to add that the smallest KB in the house is 20lb and she had a friend working out with her so she was probably using a 26lber. She was done in about 25 minutes.
I dare you to do this 3 times a week while not increasing your food intake and try not to shed some inches around the middle.
All I did today was run the McGuires in 23:56 (predicted 24:35),
5 Clean and Press ladders to 5 rungs (150 reps) 70lb KB and
100 swings 53lb kb

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Marty said...

Good time Jon. Congrats.