Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Medium Clean and Press

70lb kb
5 ladders to 3 reps
swings 10 reps 70lb, 10 reps 50lb then rest.
Met Shane and Gonzalo at the gym and we alternated on the 70 and the swings.
Jamie and Angela worked out with me last night. Awesome improvement on Jamie's swing and snatch tecnique. Angela can squat more than a foot lower than she could in January. Jamie had some good reps on the Get Up and Clean and Press as well. Angela is making up her shopping list because her clothes are getting too loose again.
Ran 5k tonight. 8:03 pace.


Marty said...

Sounds like fun. That would be great to work in a group like that.

Jon Alford said...

c'mon down. It's only about 2900 miles. You can be here for a workout next Thursday if the traffic is good.