Thursday, July 16, 2009

Variety day and the Monster

Wednesday was variety so I did some stretching and then some snatch ladders.
10/10 35lb
10/10 44lb
10/10 53lb
Thursday: The monster
5x5 Clean and Press Ladders 53lb kb
Rolled a 9 on the dice so I set up the 70lb, 26lb and 53lb kbs.
Set the gym boss on 15:15 and got ready for 18 sets (9 min)
2 handed swings on the 70
1 hand front raise/snatch 2 sets and side raise 2 sets
alternating 6 sets 26lb
alternate swings 53lb


TMorgan said...

We need to talk some about some of this variety and just basic review. Guess Im NOT doing enough snatches I did some yesterday and my hands are a little tender. Perhaps a second kb might help?? Variety or just pound the basics awhile. Im on the road again in 3 weeks. Been off the road too long.Broke! :)

Jon Alford said...

I agree. Did you get the Enter the Kettlebell book?

TMorgan said...

BTW Dont worry that Ill go of the side of the road and do a bunch of weird exercises. I Just like the basics. The routines you gave me have been great. I DO LIKE the "get er done"(my name for it) routine. Quick /To the point Im looking forward to the Enter the KB routine. Thanks for your attention!!