Sunday, July 26, 2009

This Week's Schedule

5am Light Clean and Press/Snatch workout my house
5pm 1 on 1 appointment
5am open
Evening Group Class 630 or 700 TBA Cordova Park Corner of Hallmark and Morningside
5am Medium Clean and Press/Swing workout my house
Evening open
5:15am Group Class Cordova Park
5am Heavy Clean and Press/Swing workout my house
Evening open
Bushwhacker 5k Pensacola Beach
Workouts at my house are open for Advo distributors that are proficient with swing, clean and press, squat and snatch and are using the MNS consistently. This is a tag along with little instruction but access to mats, mirrors and my kettlebells.
Class at the park requires the above with $20 drop in fee for non distributors. This will be a joint mobility session with a circuit workout that will self adapt to your level.
One on one or small group training sessions $60 with max of 3 participants.

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