Friday, July 31, 2009


Ok, I can argue with Em and I can argue with my buddy the chyro I'm training but they ganged up on me last night and said I need to chill out on the workout and let my back heal up. I think I tweaked it lifting my 50lb bundle of joy from the middle of the kingsize bed to move him to his bed without waking him. Left lower back was sore Monday, ok the rest of the week but then yesterday pain shot down the right hamstring.
Worked out with Denise and Emily C yesterday morning then Ray in the evening. This morning I did very little while working with EM C and Denise. Going to see Ray for an adjustment this morning.
Probably won't have class next week due to travel and schedule. I'll be doing good to get my own workouts done.
I've been talking to RKCs in Tallahasse, Laurel Blackburn and Mobile, David Dunham this week and hopefully will be able to workout with them some in the future.

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