Monday, February 9, 2009

Variety Day

Not much today after little rest in the last week. Ate pretty good besides some lowfat ice cream and a couple handfuls of granola. Trying to get it out of the house. I hate throwing away food.
Improved Cobra stretches
Down Dogs
Deadlift (32kg)
Bottom up clean and press practice:
20kg 1/1
24kg 1/1
32kg 1/1 had to palm it rather than bottom up. This is a good bridge I think.
Slingshot with each weight after the practice.
1 Turkish get up each side 24kg
Pistol 1 each side
24kg I was having trouble balancing with both weights. Didn't wait long enough after supper.
Couple of swings, snatches and windmills here and there
I also did the Captains of Crush Gripper #1 throughout the day. Getting pretty easy. I can do 5 reps each hand no problem.
J.R. started a blog today to help his quest to run a 1/2 marathon. Hopefully I can run a few 5ks or something along the way to encourage him.


MKSchinabeck said...

Jon, I like your new Header photograph. Looks good.
Any plans to head up for the CK-FMS in May? I am going. Would be great to catch up.

Jon Alford said...

I would love too. I got a taste of that at Brad's class in January. I might get the dvd/book. The thing is, most folks I work with are doing good to do some swings 3 times a week so I don't think I would get much return on investment. If training or medicine was my profession I would do it all.

Jon Alford said...

The pic is my sister's handywork. I'm using it for a business card as well. Thanks. If you need it for anything I can email it to you plain in hi res.