Saturday, February 7, 2009

Don't whine and gripe if....

I borrowed this from Tracy Reifkind, who weighed 250lbs and now weighs in at 134lbs.

Don't bitch about your waistline if you;

  • Bake and eat homemade loaves of zucchini bread along with a fruit and nut tart. Afterall, zucchini is a vegetable, there's nothing wrong with fruit, and nuts are "good fats" aren't they?
  • Can't force yourself to go on a daily 20 minute walk, which doesn't cost you a penny by the way.
  • Refuse to journal your food for one day, instead, choosing to stay in denial about the actual amount of calories your shoving in you mouth.
  • Won't stop eating out, and making excuses for why you can't prepare and bring you own lunches.
  • Won't swing a kettlebell for 5 minutes, twice a week (OK about 15 minutes....)
  • Would rather be a victim of "low self-esteem"....what does that really mean anyway?
  • You're not counting that nightly bottle of wine as a possible reason for not losing weight.
  • Won't change that "low carb" diet, you have been on for years now, that hasn't resulted in any weightloss, instead just annoying your friends with the fact that YOU don't eat bread or pasta, but you will eat a bag of Oreo's when you get home...."double stuff"
  • Focus on "not losing muscle", which you have plenty to lose carrying all that extra weight around on your back everyday of the week.
  • Go on a "diet" without taking into consideration if you can eat that way for the rest of your life.....if you can't, then it won't work.
  • Expect to weigh less eating the same amount of food that's keeping you at this current bodyweight.
  • Keep doing the same things but expecting different results......this is the definition of insanity.

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