Monday, August 24, 2009

RTK Update

Finished the 1st Grind Block last week.
Ran some warmup laps and then a 6:17 mile on Saturday.
Started the Explosive Block today:
3 ladders to 2,4,6 Viking Push Press
3 sets of 20 each arm front snatch
all with the 35lb kb.
I was skeptical about the intensity of this 'light day' but now I feel different.
Wednesday is medium with clean and jerk 44lb
Friday is heavy clean and jerk 53lb
I'll have my double 70s for the next block if appropriate. We shall see.
I had a lot of fun at an Advcare booth this weekend. I think I only had 2 or 3 guys over 3 days that pressed the 70lb kb for a free KB session. I greased the groove all day with the 70lb press and the 35lb pistols.


Kris said...

Jon, I have ordered my kettle bell. Am anxious to get started. Thanks for all the direction and patience.

Jon Alford said...

Cool! Can't wait to get you guys started on Saturday.