Sunday, June 28, 2009

Group Workout Saturday

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Warmed up with Joint Mobility drills then 5 minutes of Turkish Getups.
Then 3 circuits of the following with 3-4 minutes of rest between circuits.
20 Swings anyway
5 Goblet Squats
10 each side Viking Push Press
10 each side Floor Sweeps
5 each side Bottom Up Clean
5 each side Windmill
5 each side Getup Situp
Then after 3 circuits we did two sets of 20 light deadlift to cool down.
This little work out will slip up on you and works the whole body.
10 mile bike ride Sat night.
Yard work and V02 tonight.
I weighed 188 at one point yesterday. Feels light after hitting 199/200 a couple weeks ago.


TMorgan said...

Hey Big John,
Howd you drop the weight????WHats a Viking Press and a Goblet squat?? I like this workout maybe one more leg exercise should be added???
I noticed this is Tn. Sometimes you go back far enough but if youre trying to speed up 1 or 2 do not. I might be going too far or holding too long . This week Im going to kick it harder. Ive been working in yard and the heats been kicking!!! Found a RKC guy here in town. Well see how he is. NOT good as you though

Jon Alford said...

I cut out most bread, sugar, crackers, potatoes, etc. Lots of water and some unsweetened cranberry juice. Just cranked the diet and lots of cardio.
Goblet squat is holding by the handle with both hands in front of you against chest and squat back/down. Viking push press is like a press but you rest at the top and when you go down you slightly bend your knees so you can "push" back up. Watch the video. 60 swings, 15 squats, 60 push presses and 40 deadlifts is plenty of legs in 45 min.

Jon Alford said...

You've got good form. Keep practicing. If you lock out every time on every exercise, you'll feel it in your legs.