Monday, June 1, 2009


Shake for breakfast
4 eggs for lunch cooked in nonstick spray, cheese and turkey sausage.
snackbar mid afternoon.
meal bar around 6pm
couple handfuls of grnola and choc chips, skim milk.
Rode bikes for about 8 miles with Em Sunday in the hot sun
Advcare breakfast bar for breakfast 4:45
5 ladders to 2 reps clean and press 88lb
3 sets of 10/10 snatches 53lb
post workout shake
zone bar at 900
4 eggs with deli turkey and cheese for lunch
snack bar
530 grilled chicken in red sauce with mushrooms and squash, green beans.
630 Workout #2
20 close grip pushups
3 sets 50 swings 53lb kb
20 wide pushups
1 set 50 swings 35lb kb
20 close pushups
1 set 50 swings 44lb kb
20 wide pushups
20 close pushups
25 neutral pushups

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