Saturday, April 10, 2010

O.K., I give, I'm going to the Ortho Surgeon.....

Just can't shake this problem with my tricep/shoulder. Hoping nothing to do with rotator cuff. I've always been able to work through pain but this won't go away and has gotten worse since January. Can't press with right arm, can barely stand to do handstands, can't do get ups with that arm down because the compression is like a knife hitting me between the tricep and shoulder. OK, I give in. Snatches and swings have very little pain so that's been the bulk of my work for 3 months. Can't complain because they are great and my 5 min snatch test was done in 4:30 a couple of weeks ago, but when you almost scream just rolling over in bed it's time to do something.
Lots of travel and bad eating but lots of water and good supplements so I'm maintaining my bodyweight around 190.
Loving the Convict Conditioning bodyweight program. I'm starting at the bottom like Coach Wade says and hopefully will be able to progress nicely by the time my arm is fixed. Until then I will work around it.
Still working the V02 snatches 2-3 times a week. I'm alternating days of Convict Conditioning with 15:15 or 36:36. I've hit 80 sets of 8 on the short one and 20 sets of 15 reps on the 36 before my grips lets go.
Blah, blah......
I'm doing a Kettlebell Basics class at Crossfit Everstrong on Saturday at 12:30. Fellow RKC David Dunham will be there as well.

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Jennifer said...

get well! I'll be rooting for you. Keep us up-to-date.