Monday, March 29, 2010

Are You Too Busy to Workout?

Friday was a back down day after we did the snatch test earlier in the week. I hit 100 snatches in 4:30. Respectable. Friday was 40 sets of 8 snatches. Friday night I drove to Jackson, MS for some Advocare business. Sarah was supposed to volunteer at a 5k the next morning so at 11:30 pm, Trey and I said we would run the 5k at 8am the next morning. Got up, ready to go, Trey says "Sarah found something to do at 9am so she's sleeping in." We ran it anyway. 24:10. Trey did 23:05 I think. We both got 3rd place in our age groups.
Coach's meeting then product training Saturday. Showed Trey some KBs before Church Sunday morning. Drove home after mixer that evening.
I bailed on Shane this morning so I came home at lunch and cranked out 80 sets of 8. Felt really good. Worked on form. I'm trying a little more corkscrew on the descent rather than the straight hardstyle flip. It's a work in progress.
Gotta get Shane to 80 sets so we can start the 36:36 protocol.
Just got my CKFMS DVDs so lots to learn before May.
Now who says they're too busy to workout? Give me 20 swings and shut your pie hole!

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