Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Accountability = Results

There is nothing like accountability to motivate you. I know there might be a few exceptional folks out there that beg to differ but for the most part you can't do it by yourself. When I say it, I mean take it to the next level. I have been able to successfully "maintain" my fitness level alone and I'm pretty motivated but give me a goal or someone to train to a goal and I take it to the next level.
Find a workout partner that you know will be waiting at the gym or banging on the door of your garage at 5am. Find someone that will call you every day and ask you if you ate any oreos and expect the same in return.
Emily wanted a challenge for the new year. I challenged her to 1000 swings in a workout. She got on facebook and layed out the challenge and it was accepted by Lydia and Yvonne. They all did it in 3 weeks. Em's best time was 32 minutes with a 30lb kb. She triggered her metabolism to jump up a notch and now she's below her pre-pregnancy weight and ripped.
Angela challenged herself to get ready for the next HKC then the RKC. She just reported in that she's lost enough inches to get in jeans (down almost 7 sizes since January) she thought would never see her hips again and she's only getting started.
The key is to find an accountability partner and start small but consistently add intensity. The biggest mistake with diet or exercise is to go too extreme too quickly and it makes you too sore or too hungry so you can't persist.
Persist without exception. Call me and I will be your accountability.

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