Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bursitis - Patience

That's what the doc said. Got some celebrex and some patches. Not a lot of improvement yet but he said no restrictions on workouts. I'm working around the upper arm pain so that restricts my handstands and presses. No bad pain with snatches and swings. I'm doing some rehab type work with the rotator to try and get the blood moving in the general area of the bursitis.
VWC progess: 22 sets of 36:36 last week. I hit 80 sets of 8 with 16kg before I moved on. I have been alternating 15:15, 36:36 with swings 2 days per week. I replace snatch day with a test about once a month and have hit the 100 in around 4:30 the last 2 months. Conditioning is good.
My other 2 days per week I am working through the 9 progressions of the 6 exercises in Convict Conditioning. Having to hold back on moving up too quick in some areas but being challenged in others. It really stinks to have so much pain in the headstand. Patience.
Weight is steady around 190. I got as low as 185 and sneak up to 193 or so after eating bad (pizza yesterday). I still try to eat more good than bad meals and have not missed a day of Max E in 3 years unless doing a cleanse.
I have resolved to chase better health/conditioning/strength instead of bigger/faster/stronger.
Looking forward to the CKFMS class next month. Can't wait to show people how to feel better every day.

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