Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Write today's worries in the sand.....

And chisel yesterday's victories in stone"
Sorry no blogging if your reading this. I've been working, traveling, training for a 15k, etc.
Been in a little slump lately but persisting through. I love the ratchet analogy. Push hard, back off, push harder, back off, etc, etc.
The key is to persist without exception.
I've been doing a modified Right of Passage workout with the meat of it consisting of single kettlebell clean and press, swings and snatches. I'm hitting a heavy snatch day and a light high volume day each week. I'm also doing a light/medium/heavy day on clean and press. Running 2 days a week alternating short and fast with long and slower. I struggle to hold back the speed but it pays off at the end of a run whether it is 5k or 15k. Shooting for a sub 8min pace at the double bridge 15k in February.
Thanks to the folks that run with me at all odd hours of the day and night. I hope to see you at the race or some race in the future.
Tonight was medium workout. 5 ladders of clean and press to 3 rungs each. 1st rung 40kg, 2nd rung 32kg, 3rd rung 24kg. then 2 sets of swing ladders with the same bells.
Running in the morning. Long and slow. I busted 23 min on the 5k yesterday thanks to Gonzalo.

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