Saturday, December 19, 2009

Good Training Week

Light/Med/Heavy days clean and press with 53lb kb. Rather than forcing the heavier weight I've been working on perfect form and the right pressing groove. I was able to get a p/r while visiting Laurel Blackburn, RKC in Tallahassee. I pressed a 96lb kb once left/right. I have not lost strength by using lighter weight as long as I keep improving form.
Snatches on light day 10r/l, 9r/l, etc all the way down to 1/1.
Swings on med and heavy day.
Ran one time early in the week, 7.5 miles in 1:01:00.
5k Thursday morning in just under 24 min.
5k race with Ashley, Koby and Lydia this morning 23:13.
1 mile fun run in 6:23
Time for a little rest this afternoon. Trying to lay off the snacks and get under 190lbs for
the gorging next week!

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